Pharmacy Benefit Management

CerpassRx has created a long-term sustainable business model that focuses on the full member experience. Through this model, we are able to engage our members in new proactive ways that allow for cost savings as well as better program outcomes. Our strategic model provides superior pricing and pharmacy solutions for the marketplace. Our proprietary resources include:


    Available to our members 24 / 7 / 365. Our call center is personal and distinguished, staffed by friendly professionals with a broad array of experience in the member service industry.


    Utilizing our web portal, members can access information from our online system and view member specific information. They may also view medication history, locate pharmacies, and perform copay comparisons for cost-effective alternatives. We also offer mobile applications making it easy for members to access plan information anytime from their mobile devices.


    CerpassRx data – We offer our clients access to comprehensive management reports through our reporting platform. Tailored to meet your needs and requirements, our catalog includes more than 80 individually unique reports with more than 400 fields, including data from outside sources such as physician, pharmacy, drug and calculated values.


    Our mail delivery and specialty pharmacy programs offer members easy access to their medications, as well as cost savings. We have identified what we believe to be the best mail order and specialty providers in the industry, who focus on member satisfaction as well as reducing member cost. We work closely with our clients to identify which of our numerous provider relationships will best meet your population and member therapy needs.

    Our “mail delivery” service provides members with maintenance medications through the mail as well as refill reminders and many other services.

    Using one of our “specialty providers”, members can receive specialty medications in the mail. We also provide counseling, education and many other value-added services to members using specialty drugs.

Clinical Solutions

At CerpassRx, we provide employers with innovative, proactive and sound clinical solutions that fully support the management of their prescription benefit. Our clinical programs are not bound to a specific channel (e.g., mail) or to a particular retail partner; rather, we look comprehensively to assess risk across all member claims, and drive results for employers across their entire population.